Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Purchasing And Storing Herbs And Spices

Purchase dried herbs and spices in small quantities, keep them in tightly sealed containers away from heat and light, and try to use them within 10 to 12 months. The flavor dried herbs fades quickly.

You also can cultivate fresh herbs in a window box. Rinse fresh herbs thoroughly, wrap them in damp paper towels, and store them for up to a week in the refrigerator.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home Sweet Home

What exactly is a home? When you come right down to it, home is an elusive concept. Everyone knows, for example, that home is where the heart is. That's fine and good if you're a romantic, but not too helpful if you're a home buyer.
Up until now, we've loosely used the terms "home" and "house" to mean any places where you live or want to live.Under that definition, everything from a studio apartment in Manhattan to a grass hut on a Hawaiian beach qualities as a home. Now, however, it's time to get precise. We're about focus on the minimums, and cooperative apartments. Each of these options offers homeowners distinct financial and personal advantages and disadvantages that you must understand in order to make a wise buying decision.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


You could be doing dozens of things to improve your financial situation, but making a few key changes could probably have the greatest value.Equally important is to identify the changes that fit your overall situation and that won't keep you awake at night fretting about them.Good planners help you prioritize.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Great And Humors Must See Movie

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Planning to go out and watch a movie? I recommend “Date Night Movie” which opens Friday April 9, 2010. It’s a bored suburban couple Steve Carell and Tina Fey were they go on their weekly dinner date and find themselves thrown into a night of intrigue: There is breaking and entering, a car chase, a shootout with an underworld boss at a strip club. This husband and wife come out of the adventure with some scratches and also with their ardor renewed. This is a comedy movie, I usually like to watch love story movie or true stories. But I was curious about this movie. I want to find out what it was about. I just heard overall it’s a good movie to watch. I like Steve Carell and Tina Fey they are good actor and actress. After watching the trailer I believe it will be a good and entertaining movie. I know viewers will enjoy it. Carell is a famous and one of the funniest actors I’ve known. I’m skeptical of some movies being over-hyped or not hyped enough. But then I seen who was in it as the plot I just know it will be good movie. There are lots of comedy and action movies that you can watch, but if you’re planning to watch a movie this is the movie that I can recommend to watch.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Movie For Your Kids

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Are you looking for a movie entertainment for the kids while you’re working at the same time? First, start thinking of entertainment that are more enjoyable for the kids, here is a movie that I can recommend for the kids to watch, a good movie by Alvin and the Chipmunks: The squeakquel” is available on DVD, Blue-ray and Digital, it’s also available the double DVD Pack that includes “The Squeak Along” Bonus Disc, with more music, More Munk Mayhem, and all-new singalong! It’s twice the fun for the price of one. Have you seen this yet with your kids? Do you have any childhood memories of Alvin and the Chipmunks you want to pass down to your children? If so, how would you love to own or buy it now!!! This is a family film and adds it to your home collection. Just visit and http:// www. It’s a good movie and everybody will enjoy and have fun and the kids will have a blast with this. Entertainment is one of the most powerful ways to bring joy and passion of life’s experience. Everyone can appreciate the beauty of uniquely distinctive style, it was good entertainment for home. This movie was fantastic.The product shot was very excellent.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Can't Buy A New Car For Cash!

You may be thinking, how can I and most wage earners today afford to buy a new car for cash - who has got that kind of dough sitting around?!. Some people feel that it's unreasonable of me to expect them to buy a new car using cash. After all, many publications, which not uncoincidentally derive great advertising revenue from auto dealers and lenders, effectively endorse and encourage loaning and leasing to buy a car. I'm trying to look out for your best long- term financial interests.
Please consider the following:

If you lack sufficient cash to buy a new car, I say " Don't Buy A New Car!" Ninety percent of the world's population can't even afford a car, let alone a new one! Buy a car that you can afford- namely not a new one.

Don't fall for the new car buying rationalization that says that buying a used car means lots of maintenance , repair expenses, and problems. If you do your homework and buy a good, used car, you can have the best of both worlds. A good used car costs less to buy and should cost you less to operate thanks to lower insurance costs..

A Fancy car is not needed to impress people for business purposes. Some people I know say that they absolutely must drive a brand spanking nice new car to set the right impression for business purposes. I'm not going to tell you how to manage your career, but I will ask you to consider that if clients and others see you driving an expensive new car, they may think that you spend money wastefully or that you're getting rich off of them.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Though basic emotions such as amusement, anger, fear and sadness are not always expressed the same way in every culture, some are universally recognizable. The researchers investigated whether the sounds associated with basic emotions are the same in different cultures. Two different types of emotion- related sounds, such as laughter or crying. People seemed to find the basic emotions- anger, fear, disgust, amusement, sadness, and surprise the most easily recognizable. Laughter is universally associated with being tickled and reflects the feeling of enjoyment of physical play.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

30 Random Things To Learned In Marriage

1. You don't stop loving your spouse even though you may not like him at times.
2. You need to choose your battles.
3. If you want your spouse to come home early, make your " home" a place he can really look forward to come home to.
4. Jealousy is a useless emotion.
5. Even if you are angry at each other, always kiss and say " I love you" when either of you leave the house. Please refer to #1.
6. Being married doesn't mean you have the license to be rude or impolite.
7. Submit to your husband....and he'll submit to you.
8. Romance is wonderful but it's not everything.
9. Make time for each other.
10 Make time to be by yourself. Allow each other to be individuals.
11. Remember he's a are wired differently.
12. When one is angry, don't throw fuel into the fire.
13. Play nice and fight fair.
14. Don't say " I told you so."
15. Be a prayer warrior.
16. Put up a unified front as parents.
17. Laugh at each others joke, even if you've heard it countless times.
18. Make a conscious effort to start and maintain your own family traditions.
19. Come up with special signals or codes that only the two of you know.
20. Have private jokes.
21. Never let you husband see you on the toilet.
22. Spend time to reminisce both good times and bad.
23. Small things matter so just do them.
24. You're wife first before a mother.
25. Give your husband dignity.
26. Be kind to his relatives and friends.
27. Make an effort to show interest in something he is passionate about.
28. Don't let yourself go.
29. Be always willing to forgive even though he doesn't say "I'm sorry."
30. Don't expect, just accept

Thirty years is a long time but you wouldn't mind to have to spend another thirty more with a man you've vowed to love, cherish, and obey.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Things To Do With Leftover

The wonderful thing about leftovers is that you can put together another meal in 15 minutes or less. It can be a repeat of the same meal ( on clean plates, of curse), a variation, or a whole new creation.Everyone has leftovers. Even families with teenagers, occasionally have a few left overs, Other families eat so many leftovers, they never remember the original meal being prepared.

When you can find time to cook only once or twice a week, cooking extra is smart move. Even if you have a small family, go ahead and purchase a turkey breast or whole turkey, an entire roast, the largest chicken, an extra pound of ground beef, pork, or veal. Plan additional meals around the leftovers.

* Use cold turkey and chicken to make sandwiches and salads, or use what's left to make potpies, casseroles, or hash.
*Reincarnate roast beef as shepherd's pie, or use it to make fajitas, stir fry, or hot roast beef sandwiches with melted cheese.
* Shred leftover beef or pork and spice it up with your favorite barbecue sauce.
* Freeze overripe fruit and use for sorbets and smoothies.
* Save leftover vegetables to top a pizza, fill a frittata, or stuff a calzone.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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I have a 2 years old daughter, she will be turning 3 years old this coming April 4th and she is really excited to have a birthday party in the house. I have a thought in my mind that whether you currently have toddlers, tykes, or teens at home, at least one day of every year each child deserves his or her very own party. In a child's world, his or her birthday is the most important day of the year. Children measure everything by their special day.

Blast Off! By Allison Maslan

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This great book, Blast Off! Hit the Amazon best sellers list in the US, Canada and UK. This book has the most important concepts that you need to know in order to manage your personal finances and career. Hurry!!! And get a copy and take advantage of this book.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Manny Pacquiao, known as Pacman from the Philippines, has won a unanimous decision over Joshua Clottey in their welterweight fight in Dallas Texas USA. Congratulations!!! Pacman


For the practical: Going to the post office or mailing center is the best way to ensure that the mail has the right postage and will reach the recipient. Almost nothing is impossible. These offices are there to help you with your mailing dilemmas.

For the impractical: If the mere thought of going to the post office breaks out in hives, or if time is more precious than money, just stick way too many stamps on the item and drop it in the closest mail receptacle. The post office delivers almost anything, even coconuts.

NOTE: Postal regulations do not allow you to mail anything over one pound in outside mail receptacles unless the item has a traceable metered stamp. If your invitation weighs more than a pound, go to the post office to mail it.

Friday, March 12, 2010


It is best to eat about one to 1-1/2 hours before bedtime, otherwise the heat of digestion will produce gases which will affect the brain and cause many disturbing dreams. Walking in the open air before retiring will help digest the food and relax you before sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, drink a glass of warm milk before bed.

Monday, March 8, 2010


When you choose color of the clothes to wear neutral are safe colors you can keep, year-round. But it has its dangers, that is, you may look bland and wash out, if you don't apply some element of surprise. Mix up your neutrals, forget about buying tan in the same color and mixing it all together. This look will guarantee that no one ever notices you. So mix it up! Wear creams with tans and make each neutral color stand out. Add Splashes of color, add bright colors accessories or tops or bottoms with your neutrals. It will help bring out their color and liven up your outfit. Which colors should go for? Think of orange, pink, yellow, and blue. With a neutral offset, you can get away with wearing almost any color.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Men love to play with kitchen utensils. Before women were the primary users of kitchen utensils and did all the cooking, but now a lot of men that love to cook. Men have a history of loving tools. Today a lot of men love playing with kitchen utensils, having fun as they explore the endless pleasures of cooking.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Many people think that we need to eat a great deal of protein during the day, especially if we are active. We have been conditioned- often by massive advertising campaigns to believe the meat eating is essential for health. This is a great misconception. In fact, we need far less protein than we think we do, and recent medical research has proven that eating too much protein harms the liver and kidneys and is the cause of many diseases. Millions of people in the wealthy industrialized nations who are consuming tremendous quantities of meat are actually eating 2 or 3 times the amount of protein they need. The excess is converted into carbohydrates and stored as fat. Thus over 50% of Americans are overweight and prone to many diseases directly related to obesity, especially high blood pressure and heart disease.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Vegetables are excellent when boiled or steamed until 90 percent done and then transferred to a pan to be finished in butter and maybe fresh herbs. Many classic recipes for potatoes call for sauteing , thinly sliced raw potatoes are delicious when cooked this way.

Friday, February 26, 2010


From time to time, you'll find yourself with extra egg whites or yolks because some recipes call for only one, or more of one than the other. Do not discard these extras- they have many uses.

With extra yolks, you can do the following:

- Make a custard or any number of creamy dessert puddings.
- Use in a cake recipe.
- Use as a coating for foods dredged in flour or coated with bread crumbs.
- Use as a natural hair conditioner. ( Be sure to rinse well.)

With extra whites, you can do the following:

- Make a souffle ( but not until you read our instructions).
- Lighten up the texture of other egg dishes.
- Make a meringue for a pie.
- Spread them over your head and upper body and go to a costume ball as Embryo Man.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You don't need to waste your money by buying bread crumbs. Instead, make your own and store them in an airtight jar.
Lightly toast six slices of bread. Tear the bread into pieces and place in a food processor or blender, then blend to the consistency of coarse crumbs.

Variation: Add dried herbs of choice to the blender, or rub the slices with three cloves of peeled garlic before whirling them into crumbs.

Friday, February 19, 2010


"Your foods shall be your remedies, and your remedies shall be you foods."
In reality, disease is not caused by virus and bacteria, vicious microscopic monsters of external origin, which invade our bodies like an army of tiny devils. These viruses and bacteria are all around us, and within our bodies at all times. Why then do we fall victim to them and become sick at certain times and not at others, and why do some people get affected and not others? The answer is simple: all disease starts from inside our bodies and minds, caused by wrong thinking, wrong living, and wrong eating. If we live naturally in accordance with the laws of harmony of the universe, we will not fall sick in mind or body. It is only when we disobey these natural universal laws that illness results-- a warning signal for us to retrieve our lost harmony with nature. When our bodies are filled with poisons and purifying waste materials, they become weak and unable to resist the attack of bacteria and virus, and various diseases appear. Thus the root cause of all disease is not the external agents of bacteria and virus, but the impurities in our own bodies caused by improper digestion and elimination.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There can be so many beautiful faces, but is a good heart that truly makes a woman beautiful. Good nature can always supply the absence of beauty, but beauty cannot supply the absence of nature. If you're asking what is my favorite feature in a woman's face though, I would say the eyes. It's amazing what you can do with them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

High- Flying Health Tips

With the onset of the summer vacation comes plans for travel, including flying long distances. But the prospect of a long flight often raises health concerns. Especially in passengers who are older or have certain conditions, air travel and the related stress can have impact on health. Here some precautions you can take. Exercise at your set. Raise and gently point one foot and inscribe circles, one way, and then the other, with your big toe. Repeat with the other foot. With your feet flat on the floor, flex your toes up and hold for several seconds. Release them, and then raise your heels, keeping the balls of your feet flat on the floor. Hold for several seconds. Repeat 4 or 5 times.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Dillon and it's surrounding communities carry on a centuries-old tradition of hospitality that begun with the meeting of Lewis & Clark and the Shoshone Indians at Camp Fortunate, Today, the BeaverHead, Big hole, Grasshopper, Horse Prairie, Centennial and Red Rock Valleys Still offer much to see and do. The landscape is wide open and bringed with peaks over 10,000 feet high. The climate is cool and dry and wildlife abounds.Cattle and Sheep Ranches established more than a century ago are still in operation.Bannack was the first territorial capital and the scene of Montana's first Gold strike. The battle of the Big hole was fought on the Banks of Trail creek during the Nez Perce War of 1877. Dillon still contains much of its original 1880s Architecture. This is truly the "Gold West." Sparky's restaurant is one of my favorite here in Dillon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I just want to great all my friends here "A Happy Valentines Day!!!.It's a day of hearts. Today my husband & I and also our kids went to the church early. I'm very happy that I have 2 happy kids and a loving husband.Today we just spent time with our family, we just stay home be with our kids. I'm really happy for the love that we have shared.Love is in the air.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I really like egg salad. It's easy to prepare and it's taste good to make a sandwiches.

Easy Egg Salad
Tools: Medium mixing bowl, fork
Preparation time: About 5 minutes
Cooking time: About 15 minutes
4 hard- cooked eggs, peeled
2 tablespoons (30 ml) mayonnaise
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
Mash the hard-cooked eggs in a medium mixing bowl with a fork. Add the mayonnaise and season to taste with salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Yield : Enough for 2 sandwiches or servings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Twenty years ago, the blender was a symbol of " modern" American kitchens, a shiny electric obelisk that could do it all- or at least all the tasks of that relatively ingenuous age, namely mixing batters, pureeing soups, and frothing drinks. Then along came the flashy foreign food processor, with it's french accent, Porsche-like motor, and more blades than a lawn-mower factory. As home cooks became enamored of this exotic appliance, they consigned blenders to milkshake duty.

But don't sell your blender short. Old-fashioned one-speed blenders, as well as the new ones with up to a dozen or more settings, are finding a role in the light and healthful cooking style that so many people desire today. This type of cooking is based on colorful and intensely flavorful sauces that use minimal amounts of butter and cream, if any. Although food processors are unsurpassed for chopping, slicing, and grating, blenders have an edge when it comes to liquefying and sauce making. For example, the upcoming chapters show you how to make dishes like sauteed chicken breasts with a wonderful quick sauce of white wine, chicken stock, leeks, and herbs.The normal way to make this sauce is to cook down the leeks, stock, and other ingredients, maybe add a little butter for smoothness, and pass them through a strainer. With a blender, however, you just toss everything in the bowl and whizzzzzz-- instant sauce. The sauce is even more flavorful because the leeks and herbs dissolve into it. This technique does not work as well in a food processor, whose two-level slicing blade cuts through liquids instead of blending them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The very step in making our homes safer is to be prepared.
. Place emergency phone numbers on or near every phone in your home.
. Have phones within easy reach at home
. Have a medicine cabinet with a childproof lock
. Keep a first aid kit; learn how to use it and keep it in the medicine cabinet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Do you believe in destiny? That somewhere out there in the vast ocean of people, is someone who's the perfect match." I personally believe in this but a the same time wonder, " How the heck your going to find the right person among the billions and trillions of people in the world and how would you know if he is already standing in front of you? Every person has a unique character- that which distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another. It defines who we are and ( at times), who and what we are looking for. We are attracted to a person who either reflects our own values and beliefs and therefore paving the way for a connection to form. In a world where much importance is given to the material or physical aspects of things, one's character is greatly challenged. Have you ever wondered what today's teens and young adults are on the hunt for? Here are the top character traits that the teenager desirability factor. 1st Honest most teenagers ranked honesty as the most important trait that their ideal partner should possess because of the basic that our community today struggles with absence of sincerity.This is reflected in the great number of broken families, broken relationships, and chaotic environment we currently have.Many teenagers long for this value because many of them are already experiencing the consequences of dishonesty within their own families. To commit yourself to another person requires so much trust because in loving someone, the risk that one takes is like giving your partner a set of daggers and giving him/her the permission to stab you countless times. Love is not a game. People do really get hurt. That is why trust, formed through honesty, is very vital in a relationship. God fearing, you can be sure the guy will have the rest of the good traits if he/she fear God.Teenager like being responsible person,thingking of the future, good family background, and Intelligent.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Fires are very common and can spread rapidly. They can damage your home and take lives. Fires are the third leading cause of home injury and death. Here are a few simple hints you can follow to prevent them.
. Make an escape plan and hold fire drills. Practice it regularly
. Have working smoke alarms and test them monthly. If you build a new home, install fire sprinklers
. Keep a dry chemical fire extinguisher handy
. Make no smoking in your home a policy-this will reduce the risk of fire
. Keep flammable objects such as curtains, aprons and dishtowels away from stoves
. Never leave the kitchen when cooking especially when frying. Always watch for overheating
. Heat oil slowly. Heating oil too quickly can easily start a fire
. If a pan cathes fire, carefully place a lid over the pan and turn off the heat. Leave the lid on until completely cool
. Be careful with grease and oils. If grease does ignite, smother flames with a lid or larger pan and turn off the burner. Never throw water on a grease fire, and don't try to pick up the pan and carry it out of the house.
. If you suspect a gas leak, open the windows, turn off the supply and call your gas supplier. Don't operate switches as a spark could ignite the gas.

Friday, February 5, 2010


An evergreen forest is a forest that is made up mostly of evergreen trees. There are many different kinds of evergreen forest. The northern evergreen forests are dominated by conifers. The Mediterranean regions were once covered in evergreen oak forests. Most tropical forest are evergreen forests. The floor of the evergreen forest was always shady and a very nice place to sit down and relax.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


When you travel in different countries, you pass through custom.Customs are a kind of duty, or tax, paid on goods imported into a country. Each country has it's own rules about what goods are allowed to be imported, and how much duty is payable. At a port or airport, passengers and their luggage are checked by customs inspectors. In many countries some items such as illegal drugs and weapons, may be confiscated. The customs officer will asked you to open the suitcases you have.


A body overburdened with poisonous wastes cannot send sufficient oxygen and energy to the brain. In fact, the brain itself becomes saturated with toxic waste, and as a result the thinking becomes impaired. Mental sluggishness and emotional disturbances can in fact be caused by impurities accumulated in the brain, and by poisonous gases in the body affecting the brain.( Even serious mental diseases have been cured by fasting.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was fortunate that my parents taught and instilled in me the important of personal financial management. My parents taught me a lot of things that have been invaluable throughout my life. Among the useful things my folks taught me were some principles of earning, spending, and saving money. My parents had to know how to do these things because they were raising a family of six children. They know the importance of making the most of what you have and passing on that vital skills to the kids.


Ladies, the key to wearing ruffles without appearing overly juvenile or theatrical, yet young and chic is to pair ruffles with something tailored. The contrast of an item that's super feminine, like the ruffles, worn with something tailored, like lean pants or a fitted blaze, is the best way to go to achieve maximum style impact.
Think of the ruffles as an accent to your outfit and keep the focus to one ruffled element, like a frothy blouse, trim on a coat,a touch of embellishment to a pair of booties, a dash at the hem of a scarf, or a gorgeous cocktail dress.While all the ruffled pieces are adorable, you really only want to wear these ruffles one at a time so as to avoid drowning yourself in too much of a good thing.

Men, you can add inches to your height. Vertical stripes make you look taller, which can be great if you're vertically challenged, but might make you look like Lurch if you're already tall. Wearing horizontal stripes also comes with the unfortunate side effect of making overweight people look even more overweight. It's an optical illusion of sorts, but perception is what sticks. So anyone with a few extra pounds should be extra wary of horizontal stripes.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


The body needs exercise to stimulate and strengthen the digestive organs and facilitate digestion, and the fires of digestion need plenty of oxygen " fuel". If your body is sluggish and lazy, your digestion and overall health will suffer. One of the best cures for constipation is to get plenty of exercise every day: at least go for a daily walk in the open air.


Too hot foods will overheat the body and interfere with the action of the digestive enzymes, many of which can function only within a limited range of temperature. They may damage the mucous membranes which line the digestive tract as well.
Let the food cool a little before eating. Too cold foods and beverages, on the other hand, constrict the intestinal canal, making digestion more difficult, and also harmfully affect the throat. Cold foods may constrict the delicate respiratory tubes leading from the nose into the lungs, making them more sensitive: Sometimes the shock of drinking cold drinks can trigger an attack of asthma or other allergy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drink Plenty Of Water Everyday

Water is nature's cleaner which keeps the body pure and free from poisons and waste.A healthy person should drink about three to four liters of water or other liquids a day; a diseased person, especially one with skin disease, should drink four to five liters.(If you are not accustomed to drinking much water, do not start drinking so much all at once; rather gradually increase your daily intake). Drink a little bit a time, a 1/2 glass or a glass, many times a day, but not too much with meals, otherwise the digestive juices will be too diluted and digestion impaired. Add a little lemon and salt ( or honey) to the water you drink.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Eat

Doctors repeatedly warn us not to overeat, for over-eating stresses the entire digestive system and prevents the proper digestion of food. The half- digested food then forms a putrid, decaying mass in the body and poisons our blood stream, and ultimately weakens the entire system. Actually, how you eat is as important as what you eat. If you eat hurriedly, or in a tired, disturbed, or unhappy state of mind, your food will not be digested properly and all it's nutrition will be lost. When the mind is upset, the entire body becomes upset as well. Photographs of the stomachs of individuals in a state of anger show the stomach to be swollen,rigid and red, with no pliability or natural peristaltic motion. Obviously digestion is impossible in such a state of mind and body. When we eat in a disturbed mood, not only is the food not digested properly, but this undigested food produces very harmful acids and toxins in our body-it would have been better not to have eaten at all.
For this reason you should try to eat as much as possible in a peaceful mood, in serene and happy surroundings; avoid noisy and unpleasant restaurants. It is advisable to pause in silence for a moment before eating to calm the mind and remember that the food is actually, in its essence, pure consciousness. Then eat with others in a joyous atmosphere, and remember-laughter aids digestion!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Being happy with what you have

Americans-even those who have not had an "easy" life- should be able to come up with things to be happy about and grateful for: A family who loves them; friends who laugh at their stupid jokes; the freedom to catch a movie or play or read a good book; a great singing voice, sense of humor, or full head of hair; the fact that they live in a country not at war with any other country. Financially speaking, American's are pretty spoiled. Two-thirds of the people in the world have a standard of living that is a mere 20 percent of the U.S. average. Think about that, In other words, the average American is five times better off financially than two out of every three people in the world.
Be happy with what you have and content with the things that you can't change.I know financially wealthy people who have all the material goods they want yet are emotionally poor. Likewise, I know people who are struggling financially and are quite happy, contented, and emotionally wealthy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My husband was right about eating those vegetables

Not only is meat expensive,but it is coming under increasing scrutiny as bad for your health. In a landmark report entitled " The Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health" ( produced under former U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D) reliance on a meat- and dairy-based diet- with it's fat and cholesterol-was found to be the cause of the majority of premature deaths in the United States,and in the Philippines. In fact, five out of the top ten causes of death- heart disease, certain types of cancer, stokes,diabetes, and arteriosclerosis- are caused largely by American's and also Filipinos poor diets. The people eat mainly grains, beans,and vegetables and have a significantly lower rates of heart diseases and diet-related cancers, such as cancer of the prostate and colon.
Meat is very expensive, so the less meat you eat, the more money you save. Even if you choose to merely reduce your meat consumption rather than eliminate it.If you decide to eliminate meat from your diet, don't try to shift from burgers,porkchops, and meat loaf to tofu and sprouts overnight.Make changes in your diet gradually. For example,I first gave up pork, beef, and lamb but I still eat some chicken,fish, and low-fat dairy products.

Beach Time

Yesterday my dad, My mom and my husband and my 2 kids and my sister and her husband went to the beach, it's in the property of my dad.We travel 3 hours to reach there in Salag. It was really beautiful place, My dad was raise there. My husband love to live there. He really loves the place,the beach very clean. My dad own a property next to the ocean.My kids are having fun swimming, I really enjoy watching them.Next time I will download the photos. But when we got home we are very exhausted and tired but anyway we have a lot of fun.....hmmm....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Buying something, making a list

When I buy something or I go to the supermarket. I make a list of what I need to buy.Everything looks tempting, and you may wind up with a groaning cart full of steaks, turkeys, watermelons, cheese wheels and ice cream sandwiches.A rule is to always make a list. It doesn't matter whether the list is on a matchbook cover, a dry cleaner receipt, or the back of your hand. You need a battle plan, or you may wind up with two gallons of clorox, a six-pack of soda, and a bag of Oreos-and nothing for dinner. Write down recipe ingredients on your list,too. Nothing is more frustrating than following a recipe and finding a the last minute that you are missing something important,like the main ingredient.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Soybean control in diabetes

Soybean is not only versatile, it is highly nutritious. One of the greatest nutritional assets of the soybean is it's high protein content. Protein, as we all know is that substance in food necessary for buiding, repairing, and maintaining body tissues.It is interesting to know that some research findings show that soyfoods may help with blood sugar control in diabetes.Soy fiber may help slowing absorption of sugars. Legumes, especially soybeans have avery low glycemic index and are valuable foods to include in a diabetic diet. We need to watch what we eat. There are lots of people have a diabetic problem. My husband is diabetic, he needs to watch his blood sugar all the time.

Cebu City

I was born in Cebu City, Philippines and yesterday is the biggest celebrations of Fiesta in Cebu City they called Sinulog it is a traditions of Filipinos every year to celebrate Sinulog.There are a lot of beautiful and colorful dresses and custumes,very nice float and the participants dance in the street where they wear their nice and beautiful custumes. Many foreigners came from different countries and cities just to watch the Sinulog Parade.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My two little Angels

Here's my two little angel, They are so cute and sometimes they are very very very busy.They ask a lot of questions.Kynd is 4 years old and Charity is 2 years old very busy kids. They like to read books, they like to listen stories, they like to dance they like to copy what I'm doing. They love to play with their cousins.
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