Saturday, February 28, 2009

Is There Life After Divorce?

For 25 years, My husband lived in a marriage of conditional love. Some say that a couple should not stay married for the sake of their children. But if the children were left with a mother that could only love with conditions, who would be their to love the children with unconditional love and protect them? He protected his children and loved them more than his own happiness and after his youngest was on his own, He felt it no longer to live with him that could not love and made his life miserable for all. Now His married to a loving woman that has shown him what happiness really is. For Being loved unconditional is what happiness is all about. Yes, For him there is Life after Divorce and the sacrifice he made for his children was well worth the blessings his now enjoying.


Even after vegetables are picked, the enzymes in them make them lose flavor and color and sometimes make them tough - even at freezer temperatures. Therefore the enzymes must be stopped in theirtracks by being heated for a few minutes ( how many minutes depends on the size and texture of the vegetable) before the vegetables are cooled quickly and packed. This preheating is necessary for virtually all vegetables; green (sweet) peppers are the notable exception.

Practically all vegetables are safely blanched in boiling water. Use a large kettle which has a wire basket that fits down in it. Put prepared vegetables in the basket - not more than a pound or two at a time - and lower it into the boiling water. Start counting the time at once. Shake the basket to let heat reach all parts of it's load. When the specified time is up, lift out the basket and immediately dunk the vegetables in ice -cold water to cool them fast.

If you live more than 5,000 feet above sea level, preheat vegetables 1 minute longer than the time called for.


Wash, cut or snap the ends off, then cut in 1" or 2" pieces, or in lengthwise strips ( frenching),or leave whole if they're very young and tender.

In boiling water - for 3 minutes. Cool in ice water immediately, drain well.

Leave 1/2 inch headroom

Seal: freeze


Peel coarse stalks, trimming off leaves and blemishes; split if necessary. Separate or cut inot reasonable size pieces.

In boiling water- 3 minutes for stalks. ( Reduce blanching time for cut-up or chopped.) Cool immediately in ice water; drain.

Leave no headroom for apears or large chunks; arrange long stalks so blossom ends are divided between either end of the container. Leave 1/2 inch headroom for cut-up or chopped( they have less air space.)

My Life in Montana

I arrived in Dillon Montana last June 18, 2003. It was so quite and peaceful here, sorrounded with beautiful mountains and colorful trees, Rivers and different kinds of animals. One week after that I'm in Dillon Montana I miss the Philippines where I grow up and where my family is, maybe because it's a different enviroment and different climate, it is cold here in Montana. I lived in the City which lots of people & humid. Few months I stayed in Dillon I started to love it. I can able to ride a 4 wheelers and we do slide in the snow. People are very friendly. I can feel and smell the clean air from the mountains and it's a beautiful place to live in. Montana is the 4th largest state in the U.S. My father-in-law and mother-in-law they have a cabin where we can able to play poll and snow mobiling and riding a 4 wheelers and playing volleyball. Every year the family of my husband has a family reunion. We have lots of fun in the mountains, we can able to hike, guys can do hunting and fishing if they have a permit, we do picnics at the top of the mountain and riding a boat at the river and it is really fun. Parents of my husband had lots of horses and my kids really love the horses. We lived in a small town but we can still able to buy what we needed, we do have Safeways and Mc Donalds and some department store.If you want to plan for a trip I hope you will try to go to Montana.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Are Loved

When the road seems too long, when darkness sets in , when everything turns out wrong and you can't find a friend remember - you are loved.
When smiles are hard to come by and you're feeling down, when you spread your wings to fly and can't get off the ground remember - you are loved.
When times runs out before you begin, when little things get to you and you just can't win remember - you are loved....
When your loved ones are far away, and you are on your own, when you're afraid of being alone remember - you are loved.
When your sadness comes to an end, and everything is going right. May you think of your family & friends and keep their love in sight, and thank- you for being loved.
May you see the love around you. In everything you do.
You are blessed - You are LOVED......

Can Having Your Baby in the Philippines Be An Advantage For An American

I am a Filipina, My husband and I had our two babies in Cebu Philippines. Our First baby is a baby boy, he is 8.6 lbs. was c - section baby. Costing us $ 2,300.00 American dollars. Our second child a baby girl, she is 7.6 lbs. was born natural, costing us $ 800.00 American dollars, these cost including a famale Dr. who I would not trade for an American Dr., hospital cost ( a private aircon room) all baby cost and medicines and hospital staff and complete medical cost. We bought a tickets going to Cebu Philippines and return to America. We used Delta out of SLC to LA. and Cathay Pacific Airlines LA to Cebu City Philippines and same on the return. Our cost for 2 weeks stay in a Pension House w/ 3 meals and taxi fares will be about $ 400.00and processing of the childs passport was $ 1,500.00 American Dollars. If these cost may be more affortable for your budget just contact Hazel at hazelhildreth @

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Water Walkers

Every morning I read a newspapers, I read about water walker. It's a water balls are inflatable balls made of transparent special materials. The water ball is very simple and easy to use, just blow it up, and open the zipper, the rider enters inside , close the zipper and re-inflate the water ball again, a full capacity. And you're off water walking. You can stay as long as thirty minutes inside the ball. It's amazing how children can invent all sorts while in the ball.

Holidays / Vacations

Travel not only stirs the blood.... It also gives strength to the spirit. Part of the destructiveness of being women who do too much is that we don't take the time for those things that stir the blood and give strength to the spirit. We simply do not take time for vacations and trips with those we love. And even when we do, we frequently do them like we do the rest of our life, rushing, pressured, and frantic.
Vacations means a change of pace, a gentleness with ourselves, a time of rest and renewal, and a time to stretch ourselves, a time of rest and renewal, and a time to stretch ourselves and encounter new people, new lands, new ways and new options,relax ourselves.We owe it to ourselves and those around us to take a vacations.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Importance Of Sleep Positions

Me and my husband, we do travel a lot for our job and we are a hard working person. everytime were done to our work, we are so tired & exhausted. In your typical 24- hour day, sleeping occupies a fat part of that fraction pie. Our nervous systems needs to work properly, sleep is needed. Sleep deprivation makes a person drowsy and unable to concentrate the next day. It also leads to impairment of memory and physical performance and reduced ability to carry out mathematical calculations. If sleep deprivation continues hallucinations and mood swings may develop. So we don't disregard the importance of sleeping. No mattter what position you lie in, in my opinion the pillow should be under your head, but not on your shoulders and should allows your head to be in a normal position, Try to sleep in a position, which helps you maintain the curve in your back, Try using back support and a soft surface to make you feel comfortable. Try to do what's most comfortable for you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Choose Happiness

You must choose happiness.Happiness is a state of mind. There is a phrase in the Bible that say as, Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. You have the freedom to choose happiness. This may seem extraordinary simple, and it is. Perhaps this is why people stumble on the way to happiness, they do not see the simplicity of the key to happiness. The great things of life are simple, dynamic, and creative. They produce well-being and happiness. Begin now to choose happiness. Whenever my attention wanders away from that which is good and constructive, I will immediately bring it back to the contemplation of that which is lovely and of good report..I am definitely going to be happy all day long. Start each day in this manner, then you will be choosing happiness, you will be radiant, joyous person.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


February is a month of love. We can only learn to love by loving.Many women who do too much believe that there are tricks to loving. If we can just look sexy enough, we can make others love us. Or if we just take care of others and make ourselves indispensable, they will love us. We don't learn to love by loving, we try to control love by manipulation. Unfortunately, these methods do not teach us much about loving. Loving is a risk. It is letting go of expectations and just allowing. Some of us doubt our capacity to love because we have been raised in dysfunctional families and never really have had much experience of clear loving.
Loving always had strings attached or demand that we had to meet. Hence we have practiced loving as we learned it in our families.
Fortunately, we are capable of new learning. And it starts right inside of us. When we experience loving ourselves, we begin to learn by loving.
As I love Myself, it is only a short step to the loving of others.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Tip For Raising Your Children

Emphasize what you want duplicated. Do you find yourself becoming upset for all the things that your children do or don't do? Then do you desipline them for all the wrong things they do. Emphasizing what they are not doing right.
People and little people (your children) want to be appreciated for what they do right and too often they only hear about their mistakes and faults and not enough of what they do right. It is better if we learn as parents to find the good in our children and emphasize what we want duplicated.
For example, if you have 4 children and all are not making their beds before they leave the home, and you have a family discussions on how important making the beds are to you and how much it helps you.Think of a way you can emphasize what you want duplicated not emphasize what you do not want duplicated. The next day when you check the beds and only one bed is made reward the child for helping you rather than getting upset with those that don't. By seeing the reward of the obedient maybe the disobedient may in a more positive way, change their way when you emphasize making the bed rather than emphasize a negative way for not making the bed. Reward your children for good grades and emphasize what you want duplicated not what you do not want done. It is our job as parents to pull the beam out of our eyes and find a way to get what we want out of your children, by emphasizing what we want duplicated. Try it and you will enjoy your growth more than the growth of your children. P.S I'm not saying that children should not be punished with their bad behavior, what I'm saying we can reward for the good behavoir .And we will not have to punish our children for bad behavior.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How To Stay Young In Spirit Forever

Your subconscious mind never grows old. It is timeless, ageless, and endless. It is a part of the universal mind of God, which was never born and will never die.
Fatigue or old age does not have an impact on any spiritual quality or power, Patience, kindness, veracity, humility, goodwill, peace, harmony, and brotherly love are attributes and qualities that never grow old. If you continue to generate these qualities here on this plane of life, you will always remain young in spirit.
Years alone are not responsible for bringing about degenerative disorders.It is not time itself, but the fear of time that has a harmful aging effect on our minds and bodies. Indeed, the neurotic fear of the effects of time may well be the cause of premature aging.Some are afraid of what they term " old age," the end, and extinction. What this really means is that they are afraid of life.Yet life is endless. Age is not the flight of years, but the dawn of wisdom. Wisdom is the awareness of the tremendous spiritual powers in your subconcious mind and the knowlege of how to apply these powers to lead a full and happy life.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Right To Be Rich

You have a fundamental right to be rich. You are here to lead the abundant life and be happy, radiant, and free. You should, therefore, have all the money you need to lead a full, happy and prosperous life.
You are here to grow, expand, and unfold spiritaully, mentally, and materially. You have the inalienable right to fully develop and express yourself in all your potentials. An important aspect of that is ability, should you so choose, to surround yourself with beauty and luxury.
Why be satisfied with just enough to go around when you can enjoy the riches of your subconscious mind? Once you do, you will always have all you need and more. Don't let anyone make you feel doubtful or ashamed of your desire to be rich. At its deepest level, it is desire for a fuller, happier, more wonderful life. It is a cosmic urge. It is not only good, but very good.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Courage and openness go hand in hand.Our courage helps us to take the risk to " try th new." When we are fearful, we only see one way, our way. Courage opens the way for new possibilities.
As we face our fears, we find that we are endowed with a level of courage that we never knew existed. Fortunately, we do not have to be a hero to demonstrate courage. We have many possibilities every day to act courageously. It takes courage to germinate and put forth new ideas. It takes courage to stand up for what we know in our hearts is right. Sometimes it even takes courage to take a nap.To appreciate apenness, we must have experienced encouragement to try the new, to seek alternatives, to view fresh possibilties.

Time For You

Do you find yourself rushing all day long? Work and kids, errands and chores - too much to do and never enough time to do it? All of us need a little time out in our busy lives, time for peace, quiet, laugh or smile and recharging those worn- out batteries. Each one of us need time to slow down for a minute and make time for ourselves - to laugh a little, share a moment of inspiration and remind ourselves that he/she's worth taking care of.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Recipe For A Home

1/2 cup of Friendship, add a cup of thoughtfulness,
cream together with a pinch of powdered tenderness.
Very lightly beat in a bowl of loyalty,
with a cup of faith, one of hope, and one of charity
Be sure to add a spoonful each gaiety that sings.
Also the ability to laugh at little things.
Moisten with the sudden tea of heartfelt sympathy.
Bake in a good natured pan, and serve repeatedly.
A gift for Eternity...

Monday, February 2, 2009


One night a man had a dream. He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonged to him, and the other to the Lord.

when the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints. He also noticed that it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he questioned the Lord about it. " Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you. You'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me.

The Lord replied, " My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.

Secret To A Happy Life

I found out that if I take charge of my happiness rather that relying on someone else to make me happy. I'm not letting others being responsible for my choice. I cannot control the choice and actions of others. However I can choose how I act or react to others actions. If someone makes irresponsible choices that affects me and my safety while driving , I can choose to react with anger, swear and use undiserable hand signs and give that person the power of my agency and hapiness or I can choose to react with gratitude that I'm still alive and did not get hurt from their bad traffic offenses and I can choose to react by controlling my anger and forgiving others that offended me. And by choosing correctly, go on even more happy with my correct choices and smile while knowing I did not give my agency of happiness to others.
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