Friday, February 26, 2010


From time to time, you'll find yourself with extra egg whites or yolks because some recipes call for only one, or more of one than the other. Do not discard these extras- they have many uses.

With extra yolks, you can do the following:

- Make a custard or any number of creamy dessert puddings.
- Use in a cake recipe.
- Use as a coating for foods dredged in flour or coated with bread crumbs.
- Use as a natural hair conditioner. ( Be sure to rinse well.)

With extra whites, you can do the following:

- Make a souffle ( but not until you read our instructions).
- Lighten up the texture of other egg dishes.
- Make a meringue for a pie.
- Spread them over your head and upper body and go to a costume ball as Embryo Man.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You don't need to waste your money by buying bread crumbs. Instead, make your own and store them in an airtight jar.
Lightly toast six slices of bread. Tear the bread into pieces and place in a food processor or blender, then blend to the consistency of coarse crumbs.

Variation: Add dried herbs of choice to the blender, or rub the slices with three cloves of peeled garlic before whirling them into crumbs.

Friday, February 19, 2010


"Your foods shall be your remedies, and your remedies shall be you foods."
In reality, disease is not caused by virus and bacteria, vicious microscopic monsters of external origin, which invade our bodies like an army of tiny devils. These viruses and bacteria are all around us, and within our bodies at all times. Why then do we fall victim to them and become sick at certain times and not at others, and why do some people get affected and not others? The answer is simple: all disease starts from inside our bodies and minds, caused by wrong thinking, wrong living, and wrong eating. If we live naturally in accordance with the laws of harmony of the universe, we will not fall sick in mind or body. It is only when we disobey these natural universal laws that illness results-- a warning signal for us to retrieve our lost harmony with nature. When our bodies are filled with poisons and purifying waste materials, they become weak and unable to resist the attack of bacteria and virus, and various diseases appear. Thus the root cause of all disease is not the external agents of bacteria and virus, but the impurities in our own bodies caused by improper digestion and elimination.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There can be so many beautiful faces, but is a good heart that truly makes a woman beautiful. Good nature can always supply the absence of beauty, but beauty cannot supply the absence of nature. If you're asking what is my favorite feature in a woman's face though, I would say the eyes. It's amazing what you can do with them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

High- Flying Health Tips

With the onset of the summer vacation comes plans for travel, including flying long distances. But the prospect of a long flight often raises health concerns. Especially in passengers who are older or have certain conditions, air travel and the related stress can have impact on health. Here some precautions you can take. Exercise at your set. Raise and gently point one foot and inscribe circles, one way, and then the other, with your big toe. Repeat with the other foot. With your feet flat on the floor, flex your toes up and hold for several seconds. Release them, and then raise your heels, keeping the balls of your feet flat on the floor. Hold for several seconds. Repeat 4 or 5 times.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Dillon and it's surrounding communities carry on a centuries-old tradition of hospitality that begun with the meeting of Lewis & Clark and the Shoshone Indians at Camp Fortunate, Today, the BeaverHead, Big hole, Grasshopper, Horse Prairie, Centennial and Red Rock Valleys Still offer much to see and do. The landscape is wide open and bringed with peaks over 10,000 feet high. The climate is cool and dry and wildlife abounds.Cattle and Sheep Ranches established more than a century ago are still in operation.Bannack was the first territorial capital and the scene of Montana's first Gold strike. The battle of the Big hole was fought on the Banks of Trail creek during the Nez Perce War of 1877. Dillon still contains much of its original 1880s Architecture. This is truly the "Gold West." Sparky's restaurant is one of my favorite here in Dillon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I just want to great all my friends here "A Happy Valentines Day!!!.It's a day of hearts. Today my husband & I and also our kids went to the church early. I'm very happy that I have 2 happy kids and a loving husband.Today we just spent time with our family, we just stay home be with our kids. I'm really happy for the love that we have shared.Love is in the air.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I really like egg salad. It's easy to prepare and it's taste good to make a sandwiches.

Easy Egg Salad
Tools: Medium mixing bowl, fork
Preparation time: About 5 minutes
Cooking time: About 15 minutes
4 hard- cooked eggs, peeled
2 tablespoons (30 ml) mayonnaise
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
Mash the hard-cooked eggs in a medium mixing bowl with a fork. Add the mayonnaise and season to taste with salt and pepper. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

Yield : Enough for 2 sandwiches or servings.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Twenty years ago, the blender was a symbol of " modern" American kitchens, a shiny electric obelisk that could do it all- or at least all the tasks of that relatively ingenuous age, namely mixing batters, pureeing soups, and frothing drinks. Then along came the flashy foreign food processor, with it's french accent, Porsche-like motor, and more blades than a lawn-mower factory. As home cooks became enamored of this exotic appliance, they consigned blenders to milkshake duty.

But don't sell your blender short. Old-fashioned one-speed blenders, as well as the new ones with up to a dozen or more settings, are finding a role in the light and healthful cooking style that so many people desire today. This type of cooking is based on colorful and intensely flavorful sauces that use minimal amounts of butter and cream, if any. Although food processors are unsurpassed for chopping, slicing, and grating, blenders have an edge when it comes to liquefying and sauce making. For example, the upcoming chapters show you how to make dishes like sauteed chicken breasts with a wonderful quick sauce of white wine, chicken stock, leeks, and herbs.The normal way to make this sauce is to cook down the leeks, stock, and other ingredients, maybe add a little butter for smoothness, and pass them through a strainer. With a blender, however, you just toss everything in the bowl and whizzzzzz-- instant sauce. The sauce is even more flavorful because the leeks and herbs dissolve into it. This technique does not work as well in a food processor, whose two-level slicing blade cuts through liquids instead of blending them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The very step in making our homes safer is to be prepared.
. Place emergency phone numbers on or near every phone in your home.
. Have phones within easy reach at home
. Have a medicine cabinet with a childproof lock
. Keep a first aid kit; learn how to use it and keep it in the medicine cabinet.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Do you believe in destiny? That somewhere out there in the vast ocean of people, is someone who's the perfect match." I personally believe in this but a the same time wonder, " How the heck your going to find the right person among the billions and trillions of people in the world and how would you know if he is already standing in front of you? Every person has a unique character- that which distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another. It defines who we are and ( at times), who and what we are looking for. We are attracted to a person who either reflects our own values and beliefs and therefore paving the way for a connection to form. In a world where much importance is given to the material or physical aspects of things, one's character is greatly challenged. Have you ever wondered what today's teens and young adults are on the hunt for? Here are the top character traits that the teenager desirability factor. 1st Honest most teenagers ranked honesty as the most important trait that their ideal partner should possess because of the basic that our community today struggles with absence of sincerity.This is reflected in the great number of broken families, broken relationships, and chaotic environment we currently have.Many teenagers long for this value because many of them are already experiencing the consequences of dishonesty within their own families. To commit yourself to another person requires so much trust because in loving someone, the risk that one takes is like giving your partner a set of daggers and giving him/her the permission to stab you countless times. Love is not a game. People do really get hurt. That is why trust, formed through honesty, is very vital in a relationship. God fearing, you can be sure the guy will have the rest of the good traits if he/she fear God.Teenager like being responsible person,thingking of the future, good family background, and Intelligent.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Fires are very common and can spread rapidly. They can damage your home and take lives. Fires are the third leading cause of home injury and death. Here are a few simple hints you can follow to prevent them.
. Make an escape plan and hold fire drills. Practice it regularly
. Have working smoke alarms and test them monthly. If you build a new home, install fire sprinklers
. Keep a dry chemical fire extinguisher handy
. Make no smoking in your home a policy-this will reduce the risk of fire
. Keep flammable objects such as curtains, aprons and dishtowels away from stoves
. Never leave the kitchen when cooking especially when frying. Always watch for overheating
. Heat oil slowly. Heating oil too quickly can easily start a fire
. If a pan cathes fire, carefully place a lid over the pan and turn off the heat. Leave the lid on until completely cool
. Be careful with grease and oils. If grease does ignite, smother flames with a lid or larger pan and turn off the burner. Never throw water on a grease fire, and don't try to pick up the pan and carry it out of the house.
. If you suspect a gas leak, open the windows, turn off the supply and call your gas supplier. Don't operate switches as a spark could ignite the gas.

Friday, February 5, 2010


An evergreen forest is a forest that is made up mostly of evergreen trees. There are many different kinds of evergreen forest. The northern evergreen forests are dominated by conifers. The Mediterranean regions were once covered in evergreen oak forests. Most tropical forest are evergreen forests. The floor of the evergreen forest was always shady and a very nice place to sit down and relax.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


When you travel in different countries, you pass through custom.Customs are a kind of duty, or tax, paid on goods imported into a country. Each country has it's own rules about what goods are allowed to be imported, and how much duty is payable. At a port or airport, passengers and their luggage are checked by customs inspectors. In many countries some items such as illegal drugs and weapons, may be confiscated. The customs officer will asked you to open the suitcases you have.


A body overburdened with poisonous wastes cannot send sufficient oxygen and energy to the brain. In fact, the brain itself becomes saturated with toxic waste, and as a result the thinking becomes impaired. Mental sluggishness and emotional disturbances can in fact be caused by impurities accumulated in the brain, and by poisonous gases in the body affecting the brain.( Even serious mental diseases have been cured by fasting.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I was fortunate that my parents taught and instilled in me the important of personal financial management. My parents taught me a lot of things that have been invaluable throughout my life. Among the useful things my folks taught me were some principles of earning, spending, and saving money. My parents had to know how to do these things because they were raising a family of six children. They know the importance of making the most of what you have and passing on that vital skills to the kids.


Ladies, the key to wearing ruffles without appearing overly juvenile or theatrical, yet young and chic is to pair ruffles with something tailored. The contrast of an item that's super feminine, like the ruffles, worn with something tailored, like lean pants or a fitted blaze, is the best way to go to achieve maximum style impact.
Think of the ruffles as an accent to your outfit and keep the focus to one ruffled element, like a frothy blouse, trim on a coat,a touch of embellishment to a pair of booties, a dash at the hem of a scarf, or a gorgeous cocktail dress.While all the ruffled pieces are adorable, you really only want to wear these ruffles one at a time so as to avoid drowning yourself in too much of a good thing.

Men, you can add inches to your height. Vertical stripes make you look taller, which can be great if you're vertically challenged, but might make you look like Lurch if you're already tall. Wearing horizontal stripes also comes with the unfortunate side effect of making overweight people look even more overweight. It's an optical illusion of sorts, but perception is what sticks. So anyone with a few extra pounds should be extra wary of horizontal stripes.
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